500 days of Autumn

500 days of Autumn

Saturday, 18 February 2012

If the shoe fits.....

  Shoes.Some people love them,others (like this writer) are indifferent to their charms.But whatever the case,we tend to collect them.Here are a few of mine and their stories.
White summer shoes.[2nd hand]
I've had these beauties for just under a year.They were pulled from the depths of a cardboard box and have been in the light ever since.I like to imagine that some grandma somewhere once enjoyed them as much as I do now.Also,as you can tell,that grandma and myself have worn them into a someone dishevelled state.

Ah yes.The green heels.Probably the most comfortable/pretty things ever to grace my toes.
Together we have skipped through the streets of big faraway citys and danced through dates.
These boots came from the thrift store just around the corner from my house,and have treated me just right all fall and winter.
Hello yellow.[Vintage]
The mustard pumps became my friends about a month ago,and it truly was love at first sight.
Summer sandals [2nd hand] 
We've been on alot of adventures,me and these shoes.
Retired work shoes.
Covered in mocha,milk,whipped cream and many fond memories.

Which are you favourite's?



Jocee said...

the oxfords and the hello yello. hands down. lovely! :))
-jocee <3

Elisha(: said...

i love theseeee!!!

Roxanne said...

K! Those green shoes and the yellow ones are beyond lovely! I bet you have such a great time wearing them.

For my birthday, some of my best girl friends chipped in and bought me a pair of leather boots I had been lusting after. Such a sweet gesture that always reminds me of them!

Katie said...

the first pair- oh.my.goodness. My favorite for sure. <3

kristen. said...

oh those white shoes are perfect. and the yellow pumps! i relate to the retired Starbucks shoes. I think i have a hole that my toe pokes through in the exact same place?


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