500 days of Autumn

500 days of Autumn

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Life of late has been very hectic. Who would have thought planning a wedding would be busy?
Its too easy to get caught up in the flow of just living. Riding the waves of work, sleep, visting, and repeat.
I often have to stop and remind myself to rejoice. Rejoice with that beautiful blossom that just opened.
Rejoice with the song of the birds in the morning and the soft pitter patter of raindrops.
Don't let all these small moments slip away, time isn't an ocean. Its a river spilling over into a dam,pounding,raging.
As this stage of life is quickly slipping into a new one, 
I want to learn to treasure each moment as the gift that it is,
to learn to be content in the slow, and peaceful in the rush.
To not always back float through life, but to learn new strokes
 and fully engage with the time I have.

And again I say,


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Sunday, 13 May 2012

C'est la vie...

Summer, oh glorious summer.

Yes its true, I have square feet.Mike always tells me that I ought to wear kleenex boxes as shoes.
How mean is that?
Life has been full of blossoms and bike rides of late. The sun and warmth is back and this Canadian girl is embracing it whole heartedly.Other exciting news is that I got promoted at work! so now I get to boss  people about all I want!

Happy Monday,

 What's your summer song?

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Of Cracks and Rainbows.

(Written May 1st)
Today we officially signed the lease on our apartment.The keys jingled,and the floor creaked as we tiptoed over the tired hearth of our future home.The soft cracks in white walls hold stories.There is a  shoe mark on the ceiling above the door and the radiators occasionally sigh.But for now its Mike's home and soon,Mine.
As of now,Our 5 rooms stand empty,waiting to be filled with our hodgepodge collection of furniture and stories of our own.But while they wait,these empty rooms hold their own unique sort of magic.After a jaunt down the street for some peach/raspberry/chocolate gelato (A FANTASTIC combo,I might add) we returned to find our new living room floor strewn with prisms of light .We played in the rainbows,admiring the way they transformed our hands and faces.
The lights danced on the floor all afternoon like our own personal disco.

So someday very soon,our little apartment will be filled with love,joy and yes,

Even rainbows.