500 days of Autumn

500 days of Autumn

Thursday, 15 March 2012

the five dollar robin.

The spring when I was around 7,my Sunday school teacher  at the time proposed a contest.I imagine it followed some sort of creation lesson,perhaps one to do with birds.What I do remember is,whoever saw the first Robin would win five dollars.And so it came to be that I would diligently go out to the apple tree's in the front yard and watch for the elusive red breasted creature.Everyday I wanted more and more to see Mr. Robin,but alas,the bird didn't seem to share the wish to see the scrawny red braided girl.Finally the glorious day arrived.I remember very vividly the flash of red and black,the soft ground sinking under my rubber boots,the smell of damp earth.The way the sun looked as it shone down on my prize robin hopping around beneath the trees.I immediately ran inside to telephone my teacher.Five dollars was mine! Oh the riches of two tooneys,a looney and a few quarters bring (nearly a fortune in the eyes of a seven year old).I cannot tell you what I did with the money,nor what happened to that serendipitous bird.The years have passed and I have grown older,my legs are not so scrawny,my teeth fit nicely in my mouth,And five dollars has sadly ceased to be a fortune.But I still get that little excited thrill when the snow begins ro melt away,and I'm transported back to that time beneath apple blossoms.One day Mike and I will have littles of our own,and together,we'll take them adventuring through the woods and perhaps I'll tell them the story of my very first robin.And maybe,just maybe,We'll try to find one for ourselves.


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Jocee said...

so beautiful! love it.
-jocee <3

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