500 days of Autumn

500 days of Autumn

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Or just a stirring in my soul.

If your anything like me,sometimes the quiet cool walls of concrete jungles seem to almost close in.When those moments dawn,my prairie girl heart aches for wide open spaces.
To be free.

 To run my fingers over the tips of knee high wheat sheaves.To run in a straight line till my legs give way.
To feel the sun on my skin and best of all,to sit in silence.
The city can be a wonderful place,the smells,sights and adventure peeking around every corner.But it's a lonely place.People hide in their phones,eyes downcast,begging ,imploring you not to talk to them,to let them continue to live in the universal state of anonymity. Buses are crowed,often smelly.Traffic is loud and dangerous.And yet,somehow we are drawn here.We come to find ourselves,to start  a new life.   

After 19 years of living,I have found that I am not truly a city girl.Sure, I enjoy dressing up for a stroll in the village or a night on the town,there are moments where my favourite song blares from the strings of a street busker,or when  a stranger offers you a smile.The architecture tells stories,and the food options are limitless.
But my heart belongs to an entirely different place.

The wild skies and endless horizons.A place where doors are left unlocked,the neighbours always have that missing cup of sugar.the tree's grow wildly,never to constrained by metal cages and The grass has never met pavement.
So for now here I'll stay.I'll enjoy the shadows of light downtown,those restaurants will become acquaintances.That coffee shop around the corner will come to know me by name.
But fear not, the day will come when the noise of the city will fade.We'll build our own nook of land and raise our babies in mud puddles and forts.

To be free.

Are you a city mouse or a country one?



Grace said...

Well, I am more of a small town girl. You described my perspective of the city beautifully! I too get a bit claustrophobic when I stay in the city too long and pine for the open blue skies of the country.

Beautiful post, as always.
>>----> tending her garden @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

Jocee said...

i'm a city mouse. grew up in the big city all my life, and i absolutely love it.
also, in response to your comment on my blog: here in texas, for some reason starbucks calls it "zebra hot chocolate". because us texans are weird. and the tip jar bit it totally made up, because i thought it would be cute. but yeah. thank you for your lovely comment! :)
-jocee <3

mary ann said...

what a lovely post! I consider myself a city girl, but these photos make me want to go find a big meadow to run around in :) love it!

Ryan Gracie said...

I am a city mouse, but I find myself frequently longing for the country. At this point I am a bit conflicted on that subject, but I guess I long for the country because I live in the city.

Lovely post :)

Meredith Sledge said...

WOW! These are incredible pictures!!!!!! GAH. Love.

Roxanne said...

These pictures and these words are absolutely beautiful, K.

I think I'm a bit of both, but probably more country than city (especially after reading all your descriptions). xo

Hannah said...

so beautiful, k. I'm a country girl at heart. I want acres of land and trees and gardens and creeks for my children to grow up on, to hear the whisper of the world say home in the earth. x

Simi said...

oh so beautiful, kaya! like you, I'm not one to shun all city-ness, but at heart the country is where I belong. I want acres and acres of grass and meadows and trees and water where I can listen and be still or dance if I feel like it. xx.

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries said...

Wanna trade places!? A landscape like this si more than amazing, I wish I could live there every day :-) x

Sara said...

Country gal..all the way. :) Just found your blog and I've spent almost the past half hour on it. I LOVE it.

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