500 days of Autumn

500 days of Autumn

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Summers freckled knee's.

Winnipeg Folk fest 2012.
Oh how I love you. 
Mike and I could only escape the city for the friday evening and all day saturday of the 5-day fest, but what a two days they were! We ate watermelon beneath a tree, waded our way through the sea of tarps, painted our bodies and let the sun burn the patterns into our arms.We danced until our feet bled and laughed until our stomachs ached. We found our friends in the 1000's of faces, tied napkins to our wrists and snuck into the campground. 
We lay underneath the stars and listened to amazing music
And some more
and even more.

Every stage was explored,100's of pictures, both digital and film were taken and crazy clothes and even crazier people were seen.
My little sister and I spent some of saturday weaving together lace and flower crowns while Asher and Mike crafted bows and arrows.
We finished our festival by dancing wildly with a mob of hipsters to celtic electronica (yes, that exists) underneath a sky of smoke, flashing lights and incredible stars.
Folk fest 2013? The countdown is on.
(Film Photo's coming soon)



Hannah said...

oh my stars, i love this. can i come next year? xo

Grace said...

This post is so full of color, vividness and spirit that it makes me want to dance. I want to go to this festival!

andrea brionne said...

gorgeous photos!! i've heard about folk fest and always have wanted to go! looks like a fun summer night to remember :)

andrea brionne

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