500 days of Autumn

500 days of Autumn

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Path of the paddle

My mom always says that canoeing can fix a lot of things, its an escape but also a way to reconnect with yourself and the ones you love.
There's something inherently spiritual about making yourself vulnerable to the elements, trusting your paddle to steer you, and realizing ultimately, you are not in control. 
Canoeing is something that is very important in my family, its a place to grow together again, a vessel to play in and to grow in.
I've had some of my most frustrating, and rewarding moments in a canoe, from the rush of adrenaline as you enter the churning waters of rapid to the peace and stillness of a lake like glass.
My parents gathered a group of people together to contribute to giving us the one you see above, and of all the wonderful things we received, the canoe is our favourite. Not only because its 17 feet of shining splendour but because its a promise
A promise that we will always have a means and an excuse to escape to the wilderness.
A promise that we will try to work together,
That we will take turns in the stern 
and remember,
we are not in control.

 " The first thing you must learn about canoeing is that the canoe is not a lifeless, inanimate object; it feels very much alive, alive with the life of the river. Life is transmitted to the canoe by the currents of the air and the water upon which it rides. The behaviour and temperament of the canoe is dependent upon the elements: from the slightest breeze to a raging storm, from the smallest ripple to a towering wave, or from a meandering stream to a thundering rapid. - Bill Mason, 
Path Of The Paddle "


You might ask about the marking all over the inside,
We used it as a guest book at our wedding.
More about that another time.


Mikailah said...

THIS. this is one of my favorite posts ever. the pictures are so raw, and gorgeous and the words pure poetry. {also the thought of having a canoe as a guest-book is so dang adorable. gosh.}

love this!! so, so much. xx

Harri Davison said...

Photos are absolutely stunning! x

megan kristine said...

These are gorgeous photographs! I love how the inside of the canoe is signed. xoxo.

Mal said...

It looks beautiful there :) Having your wedding guest book as something you see often is such a good idea!
-mal :)

simi said...

every single one of these pictures are absolutely beautiful. and the idea of using the canoe as a guestbook? genius.

Ashley said...

This is one beautiful blog post. Love it.

nikaela marie said...

you take such wonderful pictures and tell heart warming stories, i will definitely be back to visit this internet space.

thanks for introducing yourself last week! happy weekend.


AnnaKate said...

now my heart is longing for the lake...

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