500 days of Autumn

500 days of Autumn

Monday, 4 March 2013

Lace and Ice

I tried on my dress and remembered 
The sound of music,
 The feel of bare feet on dusty ground,
 The smell of water in the wind off the lake 
and the feeling of your arms around my waist.

I remembered grasshoppers caught in crinoline 
Tears on cheeks
and the squeak of bow on strings.

I remembered the sun on flags,
and water purifying feet
I remember walking toward as one
and running back as two.

I remember.




Grace said...

holy cow, Kaya!!! this is incredible. absolutely breath-takingly incredible. you are beautiful; the dress is beautiful; you IN the dress is simply stunning. and the words are just icing on the cake. *smile* xoxo | grace

Rachael Poklitar said...

who took these photos? you must have been so cold! really beautiful shots, lady.

Hannah Nicole said...

ohhhh kaya.

Capturing the Moment said...

awwwwwwwwww these are so cute!!!

mackenzie said...

your dress is gorgeous!

Epic Thread said...

These photos are stunning.
Jillian - PS, if you have a moment, I'd love to invite you to check out the giveaway we're hosting for a $50.00 giftcard to Shabby Apple!

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