500 days of Autumn

500 days of Autumn

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

\\reading// Looking For Alaska-John Green
\\listening// Goyte. (This song in particular)
\\drinking\\ Tea.Always tea.Also,a for-here tall single 1 pump white mocha,1 pump chai non fat latte (Yes,I might just work at Starbucks)
\\eating\\ Couscous.And an orange.
//anticipating\\ Summer,road trips and river skating.
//loving\\ New Iphone! and Mike.Always Mike.
//looking\\ at the tree outside my window
//inspired by\\ Stories,Smiles and Jesus.
(Questions borrowed from the lovely Miss Abbey,always a constant source of inspiration.Do pay her a visit!) 

What are you listening to?


Jocee said...

looking for alaska and couscous. couscous is amazing.
great post :))
-jocee <3

Oriana said...

couscous is so good; i ate it for lunch today!
lovely post, dear!

Katie said...

I'm inspired by Jesus too. (: Great post! Very inspiring also.
Listening to Alicia Keys. <3

Jennoelle said...

ah, it seems as if I've been bombarded recently with hints to read a John Green book. looks like I'll have to someday.
oh, another tea lover! and that quote from c.s. lewis in your little bio--perfection. it describes me absolutely, so I'm ever so glad to find someone that agrees.
also, I love your gloves, from what I can see of them. (:
and I'm listening to this. sheer gorgeousness.

janis said...

what a funny coincidence! maybe we'll run into each other one day :)

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