500 days of Autumn

500 days of Autumn

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Simple days

We've been friends with Kyle and Nicole for awhile, so when I asked them if I could practice shoot them, they kindly obliged. We ventured out to one of my favourite city spots, a large forest wilderness amidst the concrete jungle of this city. We wandered through the trails and fields with only the sound of  distant airplanes and squirrels and the constant click of my shutter.
I forget sometimes how important of a role nature plays in the harmony of our lives, that even though pumpkin spice lattes line the counter like little soldiers going out to fight battle, that the real autumn is found in the simple pleasure of watching the changing of leaves and listening to the fellowship of wind in the tree's.

//Reading\\ A pumpkin recipe book + Half broke horses - Jeannette Walls //listening\\ Anything by Milo Greene
 //Drinking\\ Loose leaf tea
//eating\\ Pumkin pie! (soon)
//anticipating\\ Tomorrow's potluck and our wedding pictures.
//loving\\ Mike and our apartment
//looking\\ At an oven full of pie
//inspired by\\ The leaves, as they change too fast.

What's inspiring you?



Lacey said...

this frames are lovely, great job! I'm so anxious for fall, it's delayed a wee bit in Florida ;)

keishua said...

the coolness of fall is always inspiring. i am loving music these day and soup. lots of soup and hot chocolate.

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