500 days of Autumn

500 days of Autumn

Sunday, 13 January 2013

That first skate of the year

You strap on your skates, laces pulled tight, binding you to the thin blade of metal 
You stand, your legs slightly shaking as they adjust to the smooth plateau beneath them. For a moment it feels like the ice may rush up to meet you at any second, but you manage to regain a suspended sort of balance. You place one foot in front of the other and hesitatingly push off. There are others, flashing by with shouts of glee and laughter, but for one serene moment, it's just you and the river. As you take these few baby glides, it all comes rushing back. Your feet remember the ache of being contorted into the strange shoes, your face feels the sting of the wind and your hands begin to swing in rhythm
The sounds of blades slicing through ice, and the swish of your coat against your legs.
The echo of voices,carried by a wind that either pushes at your back or grabs your nose in its icy claws.
And then for only a second, things like balance and fear cease to exist,the rhythm of the wind, the blades and the ice swells into a song and your feet move to it. Faster and faster. And in that moment, before reality hits and you remember that your feet are precariously positioned on that polished surface,

You feel like you are truly flying. 



Grace said...

Ah, skating. You described it perfectly - it is truly the only sensation in the world where for once you feel like you're flying even with your two feet touching the ground. ;)

That is one super neat spot to go ice skating!!!
xoxo | grace

noni said...

Lovely, makes me really want to go ice skating again! And that striped coat is adorbs! =)

megan kristine said...

this is beautiful, K. Just gorgeous. xoxo.

Kailey said...

These photos are fantastic. And your writing makes me feel like I'm literally ice skating. Lovely!

Jessica said...

gosh, i love ice skating. it truly feels like flying. wonderful shots, friend. x

( the alcove )

Natalia G said...

gorg. I love skating so much! xx | Natalia.

Sophie said...


Megan said...

Gorgeous photos, I have never been able to skate, I have tried a few times and I just spend the whole time on my bum. Its such a romantic notion, I am very jealous.

Margeaux Knight said...

I love all these photos. Haven't been out skating yet this year, but Jordan (my fiancé) and I are going snowshoeing for Valentines and I couldn't be more excited. We never celebrate that holiday, but it just so happens that this event falls on Feb. 14. I can't wait. :)


Benlovesting said...

Awwww these photos are so gorgeous!

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