500 days of Autumn

500 days of Autumn

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Anytime is train time.

Oh Canada....
Spindly poplars like hairs on your spine, the dips and hills outline your body, the train wheels carve rugged lines into the rock and earth that make up your bones. The train whistles, the sound, low, mournful. Its light is ever seeking, startling the wood creatures, and its rumble shakes you. We glide along you, the soft rocking side to side as it runs over uneven tracks. The people in the cars, mostly strangers are brought together and become fellow adventurers, as we are subjected to your wild beauty. We forget that we don't know each other from a rock, and our stories become intertwined as the tracks sing out through the night.

As I write this, we are rolling across the countryside of southern Ontario. Its our 3rd day on the train and we are set to arrive in montreal in 2 hours. Our legs are cramped from sitting and trail mix and banana dinners are getting old. But while my stomach may be imagining extravagant dinners, my eyes have been feasting on endless forests, lakes, rivers and stars. Its way too easy to forget the majestic wonder of the wilderness that lies just outside our concrete jungles. 
So I leave you with a few iphone pictures and highlights of the trip thus far, 

Playing a rowdy game of "foreheads" with 2 Germans, an Australian, a Libyan, and Canadians from across the country. 

Spending 99% of the time curled up in the sky dome car

Pointing out every bridge.

Buying peas and tea in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere

Les Miserable Soundtrack.

Celebrating Mike's birthday, train style.

The free wi-fi on this train.

Train life, you've been good to us, but its time to spend time outside.
Montreal, here we come!





Rachael Poklitar said...

this looks awesome! train travel has been forgotten by many. have fun!

lotus said...

beautiful pictures, wow :) have a nice time xx

Lacey said...

oooh! sounds so exciting. I've always wanted to travel by train! enjoy :)

Lacey said...

Gah, this is gorgeous. I sooo want to go to Canada!

Anonymous said...

How gorgeous. Seriously, that's on my bucket list. And you could not have picked a better book and soundtrack to accompany you. You have great taste!

mackenzie said...

i once took the train out west, but never east! it looks beautiful!
and it's so fun, the community that forms on board :)

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