500 days of Autumn

500 days of Autumn

Friday, 24 May 2013

To Imogen


To my little sister on her 10th birthday.
Today you are a decade. I remember when we found out about you, I too was approaching a decade, excited to finally be two hands worth of digits  But even more clearly then that day , I remember the night we almost lost you.  You were a a tiny being, not yet completely formed, but I knew that I loved you and that my heart was already connected to yours. Something was wrong , a small tear that might have decided your fate had a bigger force not been working for you. I remember the tears and the prayers. And when we found out that you would overcome, that God had a bigger plan for you, the joy. That 3 would become 4 and that I would have a sister ( though I didn't know that yet). Little sister, you were a miracle then, and you are a miracle now. You arrived with a stubborn will to live and have been a stubborn little ball of firey joy ever since. I admire you little one, with your flexible limbs and and your ability to keep a beat in your dancing shoes. You have a toothy smile that lights up a room, and you walk a tightrope between being as tough as nails (having four brothers to keep in line and all) and being a genuine softy with arms big enough to cradle a whole family of animals.
Sister, the years ahead of you will be both beautiful and hard. Take them on with all the grace you can muster. Things will change, your body, your tastes, your friends even, Be discerning. Remember there is a bigger picture and plan that we can't always see at that exact moment. People and words will hurt you, it will sting but let it only be a scratch, scratches heal with time, wounds leave scars. You are beautiful ,always remember that. Not only for your looks, but because your heart was created as a reflection of the most beautiful. Let your inner beauty be foremost in your heart, outer beauty morphs and fades in time, inner beauty only grows brighter. Find true friends, one that will build you into a better person, not make you feel like you are less. Don't be in a hurry to grow up. Childhood is a beautiful thing, things like boys and makeup can wait. Don't let social media tell you anything else.
Ah yes, boys. Boys are silly when they are young, treat them with grace but don't let your heart go too easily. Make friends with them! enjoy life, but don't fall into the trap of trying too hard to impress them. Let God rule your heart, and always remember, you have four brothers and one big sister looking out for you;) Appreciate family, Mom and Dad always have your best interest at heart. Don't waste too much time fighting with them, those little things don't matter in the long run and its better to listen then to speak in anger. Most of all, Love Jesus, immerse your heart in him. Love others and remember you were a miracle that God chose and he has some crazy big plans for you.

You are beautiful.

Your big sister


Jessica Rackley said...

this was beautiful. my little sister will be turning ten this year. it breaks my heart, but also makes me so so happy, to see her growing up.

Abbey said...

So beautiful. You're a fantastic big sister. Immy's so big, I can't believe it! I also can't believe how much you and your siblings all resemble each other, it's crazy.

lotus said...

this is so heartwarming. happy birthday to your beautiful sister.

petal and plume said...

i am so happy to have found your blog. you're beautiful! thank you for sharing your creative heart with us.

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