500 days of Autumn

500 days of Autumn

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Scattered thoughts from the lake

"They say the truest  beauty is found in the harshest land and God can be found there by those with open eyes"- Alice Hoffman, The Dovekeeper

Its difficult to explain what jumping from a semi dry year in the city into a deep well of community really feels like. Like the cool blue water of shoal lake, this place draws you to it, it begs you to take the risk and jump in, to completely surrender to the depths but to trust that lessons learned long ago will allow you to be pulled to the surface. Little feet patter on the board walk and bigger hands find smaller ones. The soft but yet powerful sound of a paddle pushing water, and the mournful call of the loon becomes the part of the song of our hearts and the deep longing of our heart for God and  to know his voice.

Everything is bigger here, relationships are more powerful.  We come to this island with wounds, badly stitched by time. But gently and slowly, this place opens them, letting the infection bleed out and then soothes it with love and patience until God closes the wound and only a scar is left in its place.


Margeaux Cotton said...

I love your writing. I could just read your posts for hours.

lotus said...

this is so heartfelt. and that picture is gorgeous. i love your writings!
lotus m.
-my words and i ♡

Sophie said...

I loooove this

Nina K said...

This is so beautiful... I know those places, those oases of sunlight and laughter and connectedness that make you feel like everything is alright, and life is alright.

Also, I lovelovelove your design. Simplistic and fits your blog perfectly!


lauraslw said...

Wow your writing is so powerful and tugs emotions from deep down inside whilst I read. It has a kind of indirect sense to it, and I am intrigued to read more.

I am glad you can head to this place, and have the wounds heal into scars. Beautiful.


Hannah Justina said...

Your writing is amazing and your picture! Woah!
your words are so strongly felt.

~Hannah <3

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